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Stop existing … start LIVING!

Do you feel like you’re simply existing and not truly LIVING?  Do you feel like there’s got to be MORE to life than just going through the motions each day?  Do you just know that you were made for MORE than the endless daily grind but just don’t know where to start? 

If that’s you, you’re in the right place!  Having been there myself, I made a decision to stop existing, and start living … and created my very own roadmap to do that.

Henry David Thoreau Most people men lead lives of quiet desperation

Hi!  I’m Cher.  During my many years working with systems and processes in the London (UK) corporate world and seeing how they made businesses thrive and grow, I always wondered ‘why can’t we apply similar systems and processes to our own lives to help us thrive and grow as individuals?’  After working myself into the ground on the corporate hamster wheel and realising that I was simply existing rather than truly living, I decided to create my own simple, bespoke system to use as a roadmap to find the life I really wanted to live – a life I could live on my terms as my true authentic self.  Just the way the systems I used in my job helped the business reach its goals, so my system helped me gain clarity on where I wanted to go and most importantly, how the heck to get there!  Like so many people, I had a vague idea of wanting a life of freedom and abundance but exactly what that looked like and exactly how I would get there was a bit of a mystery!  Creating and following my easy 3 step system helped me define exactly what I wanted, formulate a plan to get there and even more critically, provided me with a framework to use every single day to keep me taking the right steps in the right direction.  I am still on my journey towards living the life of my ultimate dreams but I am well on my way there!





I have always been a huge lover of planners, journals and productivity systems and used these for YEARS to attempt to achieve my goals but I found one distinct thing lacking in them, and that was the internal elements, which for me, were the most important! 

Everything I used was very externally focused – setting goals, scheduling tasks and activities, planning out my days etc. 

What I also really needed alongside the external elements was the internal elements – the mindset shifts I needed to make, the reasons behind what I was doing externally. 

All along I was trying to grow and flourish from the outside, when really, all true growth comes from the inside

To grow, FLOURISH and be all you were destined to be, you have to work from the inside out

And as you grow internally, it naturally manifests externally.  Things naturally unfold rather than trying so darn hard to force things to happen! 


I created this hybrid planner-journal to incorporate the all important internal ‘mindset’ elements with the usual practical ‘external’ planning and productivity elements you’d expect to find in a planner.  A fusion of personal growth and productivity.

After creating it and then testing it for more than a year, I was thrilled to find I had wayyy more clarity on where I was going, and a system that was supporting me every single day towards getting there.  No more confusion, frustration and overwhelm!  No more willing myself to take action externally before first working on myself internally.         

If you think you could do with a system in your life to support you towards reaching your goals and dreams then click the button below to find out more!   



‘Born to Flourish® – The System’ is an online course especially created for you to gain a deeper understanding of the system I created and how you can apply it to your own life to achieve your dreams and goals.  

All the willpower and motivation in the world is not enough to get you from where you are to where you want to be!  It’s the little steps you take (or don’t take) every day that make all the difference and take you a step closer to (or further away from) your dreams. 

To keep taking those important daily steps each day, you need a system or framework to work within.  This simple system is one you can incorporate easily into your life to keep you taking consistent action in the direction of your dreams!  Just like the planner-journal, the focus is on personal growth and not just productivity.  So many of us spend our lives looking outside of ourselves for the answers when all the answers are within us.  Grow and flourish from the inside out by using this system in your life. 

Watch this space for more information – sign up below to be the first to know when the online course is launched!

BLOOM Born to Flourish The System online course


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