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Trust the process

Trust the process

If you’ve reached the point where Enough Is Enough and you’ve decided that you deserve to live a much happier, purpose driven, abundant life than you are now, that’s fabulous!  Making the decision to change your life is the first and most important step to turning things around.

If you made use of our free worksheet (or any other means!) to describe your vision for the rest of your life, you’ll now have a pretty clear picture of where you intend to go.

Now what? 

It’s all too easy to get discouraged, confused and overwhelmed.  How on earth am I going to live this amazing life I’ve visualised for myself when it seems so impossibly far out of reach?

Who am I kidding?

And after we take our dreams back off the shelf and dust them off, ready to make them happen at last, we start to listen to the Voices in our head telling us why it can’t be done.  How on earth will you make this dream a reality?

This is where I personally got stuck for years.  The gap between where I was and where I wanted to be was just too wide.  It felt like I’d have to climb Mount Everest, swim the entire Atlantic Ocean and trek through the Gobi desert before I could achieve anywhere near my dream life.

As humans, we are programmed with this safety mechanism.  Anything out of our ordinary mundane life is marked DANGER AHEAD – MOVE BACK!  We look at crossing the bridge between where we are and where we want to be like having to walk over fiery hot coals and so we retreat back to the safety of our mundane – but predictable – lives.  Where we feel miserable, but at least safe!

Ignore those voices in your head!

Yes, you need to heed any real safety alerts that come your way (like ‘don’t cross the road until that lorry has passed’), but trying to change your life for the better is hardly life threatening, even though it may feel so!

Don’t overthink things

And I am talking from experience here!  I would literally spend hours thinking and thinking and thinking … and thinking … how would I do this?  And if I did that, what if this happened?  Hours later, I would have concocted up all the negative ‘what if ‘scenarios that ‘might’ happen and conclude that it was pointless to even begin with all these obstacles I would probably encounter.

Well.  That’s pretty much like getting into your car to go on a journey across town and then think … well, what if suddenly a tornado comes out of nowhere?  What if a sinkhole appears in the road as I’m driving on it?  And what about all those traffic lights that will slow me down?  What if my steering wheel falls off as I’m on the motorway?  What if an alien spaceship abducts me as I’m driving along? 

This is our imagination running wild – in the opposite direction we need it to!  My negative thinking seemed pretty acceptable at the time but now I see how absolutely silly it was to think of all the things that could possibly go wrong and scare myself into analysis paralysis.

Allow things to unfold

This was not easy for me.  I was someone who wanted to see the whole darn staircase before I took the first step!  Most of us are all so externally focused that we want to SEE evidence that things will work out before we make a move.  That’s not going to happen!  We have to make the first move and simply trust the process.  Once we take the first step, the next will unfold.  Once we open one door, the next one appears.  And with each step we take, we become stronger and more able.  Just as when a baby starts walking, it falls, gets up again, and gets better and better at it as they keep moving.  Babies don’t sit and think ‘well let me watch and analyse how so and so walks before I give it a try.’  Neither do they think there is no point in trying because they’ll probably fall over.  They just get up and DO IT and trust the process.  We need to go back to that having that fearless childlike faith we used to have.  Before we cared what other people might think.  Before we feared failure.  All we need to do is simply hone in on the target (e.g. walking for a baby) and just getting on with it!  Any obstacles that appear – and they will – we will deal with as they come!

“A ship is safe in harbour but that’s not what ships are built for.” ~ John Augustus Shedd

This quote has always been near and dear to me over the years.

We are like that ship.  We can either tiptoe through life safely and get to the other side unscathed; or we can take on the sometimes calm, sometimes stormy seas of life and have a grand adventure of self-discovery – discovering who we truly are and what we are capable of achieving.

Trusting the process means trusting ourselves more.  Trusting in our ability to create the life we choose instead of settling for the one we fell into somewhere along the way.  Trusting and tuning into our own intuition more than we trust and listen to what other people think.

Trusting the process is scary.  But you’re already trusting a process of some sort anyway – whether it’s the process of ‘staying in the harbour’ or the process of navigating over the seas to an amazing destination. 

You don’t need to do something completely crazy – all you need to do is take that first step.  And let the rest unfold, as it’s meant to.

Like Martin Luther King Junior said:  Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.

Stop existing, start living!

Stop existing, start living!

Have you ever got to the point where you’ve stopped, looked at yourself in the mirror, looked around you, and thought ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  It’s time for change!  This is not me?  This is not the life I’m meant to be living!  I’m made for more than this!?

On the other hand, many people settle for what they see as their lot in life.  They think that changing their life significantly for the better is just wishful thinking, beyond their capability.  They feel they’re too far down the road and are too scared to hope for a better life and then get disappointed.

Most of us had dreams and grand plans as children.  We didn’t have lots of disappointments behind us, all we had was the wonderful now and a future to look forward to filled with all our favourite things.  We weren’t scared to dream in full colour!

Then life happened.

We had to get ‘realistic’ about what we could and couldn’t do.  We had to put our dreams up on the shelf and do what needs to be done.  Our dreams gathered more and more dust as the years rolled by until we decided that that’s all they ever were … dreams.  This is the ‘real world’ after all, where there’s no room for silly dreams.

But now as each year rolls by, with each year being a repeat of the last (or else slightly – or very – worse), you’re wondering … is this all there is … the daily grind?  Maybe you feel as though you’re sleep walking through life.  Or working your tail off with no end in sight.  Surely this isn’t IT?  This is exactly how I felt – I was caught firmly in the hamster wheel of life – working myself to the bone, no longer enjoying what I was doing, feeling trapped (after all I had bills to pay!) feeling pretty depressed about the future.    

Daring to dream again

It’s time to take those dreams back off the shelf and dust them off!  They were not airy fairy, pie in the sky dreams but SEEDS!  Seeds of your great potential that were planted deep within your heart and soul.  And the choice has always been with you and only you to nurture that seed, let it grow and FLOURISH into the life you are meant to be living.  Or … let those seeds die with you when you leave this earth, without ever seeing the light of day.

You choose.

The trouble is, we look at the seed, scoff and think ‘how could I possibly achieve this?  Who am I to live the life of my dreams?’

Who would ever have thought that a tiny acorn would one day grow into an enormous oak tree?  Well, I guess anyone would because they know that acorns turn into oak trees!  And that’s just a tree.  What more you – a human being – that is so much more valuable than an oak tree, with the potential to become anything you choose, not just one set thing like the acorn?

So how do we start to turn the direction of our lives from a life of mere existence to one of purpose and joy?

All it takes is a decision.

Drawing a line in the sand.  Putting a stake in the ground and saying ENOUGH, I deserve MORE than this lukewarm, mediocre life!  Life is a precious gift and it’s really up to us to DECIDE what we’re going to do with it before it’s all over.

We need to wake up from our slumber and decide to make a change.  

And even if you’re well into your life – it’s never too late to change the rest of it! 



The first step is to DECIDE.  We have been given the ability to CHOOSE, so decide today what you want to change in your life!  Making a decision in your head is a great start, but declaring it in writing makes it even more powerful and will kickstart the process of change from being a dream, a thought, a ‘wish’ – to the seedlings of reality.  

You don’t have to have it all figured out.  The fact that you feel restless, frustrated and know that you need change means that you’ve recognised that you need change and that’s the most important thing.  Getting caught up in the ‘how’ simply discourages us and causes us to give up before we’ve even started.  

And remember – making no decision is a decision too – it’s a decision to do nothing and carry on as is!  


If nothing changes, nothing changes.

The trouble is though, we are creatures of habit.  We’re stuck in our ways and we don’t like change, even when we know that change will do us a world of good!

Ever heard the fable of the frog that unknowingly gets cooked to death?  When put in a pot of boiling water, it leaps out immediately.  But when put in a pot of tepid water, with the heat being turned up gradually, it doesn’t notice the slow rise in temperature and eventually gets cooked to death.  Luckily this is apparently just a fable as that’s obviously not a pleasant story at all!  However – I think this applies to many of us, and I can certainly say it’s happened to me!  Slowly but surely, the pressures of life turn up the heat on us as time goes by, we’re worn out, exhausted, the soul sucked out of us, and we get to the end of our lives and realise … we actually forgot to live.

You were born to FLOURISH

The whole ethos of Bloom is that life is meant to be lived with passion, joy, abundance, freedom and purpose.  This is the life we were destined to live!  We were not meant to live lives of drudgery.  Sure, life isn’t always perfect, there will always be ups and downs there for our growth but we shouldn’t spend the majority of our lives stressed, overworked, frustrated or bored and only living for weekends and the odd holiday to take a break from our awful lives.  We should be living lives that don’t need a holiday to get away from!

Change is a journey

Change doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s a journey and that’s what Bloom is all about – journeying from a dull life of existence to a life of true purpose, whatever that means for you.  However long it takes to create the life you deserve to live, it’s worth making a start today – the time is going to pass anyway, whether you choose to create your dream life or not!

Here at Bloom we’re so excited to be sharing this journey with you.  We are not experts or gurus but regular people who decided that enough was enough and that life should be more than the daily grind.  And that we can’t expect that life to fall into our laps or be the responsibility of anyone else to make happen for us – it’s up to US to start our journey towards that dream life – TODAY!  

If you’re ready to put your stake in the ground and begin the journey towards designing and living a life you love, then it’s time to hop on over to my blog post on creating your vision – before changing your life for the better, you need to be crystal clear on what it is you actually want!

What are you ready to change in your life?