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“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up some place else.” ~ Yogi Berra


Do you have a personal vision for your life?  If you do, is it a hazy, vague idea of how you’d like to live ‘some day’, or is it a crystal clear picture of the life you want to live and are determined to make happen?   

Can you imagine setting off in your car on a journey without really knowing what your destination is?  Maybe in your head you have a vague idea of sitting on a beach somewhere sipping cocktails and without giving it any further thought, you leap into your car and start driving.  You drive and drive and driiive until you’re weary.  You get out of your car and look around and realise you’re pretty much where you began your journey hours ago – you’ve been driving in circles!  And there’s no sign of any beach in sight either!

Seems a bit daft, right?  And yet that’s what so many people do!  Without a crystal clear vision or destination to aim for, they work harder and harder every day, focused on the trivial day to day issues, without taking the time to look up at the bigger picture.  They get to the end of the year, worn out from their toil, only to find they are pretty much where they started at the beginning of the year, maybe even a few steps back from where they started!  Frustrating!!

The question is – did you set your satnav when you set off on your journey?  And as you travel along your journey, do you keep checking that you’re on the right track?    

We set our satnavs by creating a clear vision for our lives.  Without clarity of where we want to go, as Yogi Berra says, we’ll end up ‘someplace else’ – wherever the wind blows us!

If you’re sick and tired of going through life on autopilot and are ready for change, then head over to my blog post ‘Stop existing, start living!’   There has to come a point where you take a good look at yourself in the mirror and decide ‘That’s it.  Enough is enough.  I’m ready for change!’  For a life where you can truly flourish and be your very best, rather than live a life you have learned to tolerate at best.

Ready to craft a personal vision for your life?  Read on … and download the free worksheet to help you get crystal clear on your vision.

Clarity is crucial

If you don’t know what you want, how can it ever happen?  You have to give your mind something specific to aim for, to work towards.  The million dollar question is this – what do you want?  Do you actually know what you want?  If a genie appeared and asked you what your vision for your life is and said they would grant it to you if you answered with all the specifics of your vision within thirty seconds, would you be able to say clearly how you want to be living your life in 5, 10, 20 years from now?  Or would you just blurt out the usual things people say ‘big house, lots of money, flashy cars, no need to work.’ etc?  If you can’t detail exactly what you want your life to look like in 5, 10, 15 years time, then you need to go back to basics and craft a personal vision for yourself.  You should be able to close your eyes and see yourself living that vision in great detail.  Just as you need to put in a specific address or location into your satnav, you need to have a specific vision and goal for your life.  Take some time out where you won’t be disturbed to close your eyes and imagine the life you want to live.  You were given the power of imagination for a reason, so make full use of this amazing faculty!  Imagine all the good you want in your life instead of all the bad that might appear! 

What does your ideal life look like to you when you close your eyes and imagine yourself living it?  How do you feel?  Who are you with?  What are you doing?  How are you spending your days?  What can can hear around you?  Go into as much detail as you can!  Feel the wind in your hair, hear the laughter around you, feel the peace and contentment within you as you look around you at what you’ve accomplished.  Write down all the things that come to mind, this is all part of your personal vision for your life. 

Use the free worksheet, downloadable below, taken from my Born to Flourish® planner journal, to help you craft your personal vision.  Having a vision is vitally important, it gives you direction and you no longer spend your days aimlessly being busy doing nothing but rather making sure that you are working with purpose towards your dreams and goals, your vision.  Every successful company has a vision, how much more important is it for you to have a vision for your life, something you only get ONE shot at?!


Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want

Most people will not be able to clearly and succinctly answer what they want their lives to look like, if asked.  But ask them what they don’t want and boy, oh boy, they will be able to tell you in great detail!  Why is that?  Probably because that’s the life they are currently living and would like to get away from!  But as I already said earlier, if you don’t know what it is you do want, you’re never going to be able to start heading in its direction.  

And this is why it’s so important to have a crystal clear vision for your life.  If you don’t have that vision to focus on, you will default back to focusing on how things are in your life right now and keep producing more of it.  

Whatever you focus on, you attract more of!  What happens when you wake up in a grumpy, bad mood?  Well, everything else becomes grumpy!  You spill coffee on your shirt, you can’t find your car keys, you yell at your kids and then feel bad, you get to work late, and so the process continues.  It’s exactly the same when you keep focusing on what you don’t want.  You feel depressed because you have so little money, you’re focused on lack and limitation and so you attract more of it.  You spend all day telling yourself ‘I’m so broke, I’m so unlucky, I can’t afford that, there’s no use.’  What you focus on expands!  Instead, you need to pull out your vision and focus on that – focus on all the wonderful things you’re going to create in your life and you’ll be surprised at how you start a completely new process going – one that’s aligned with your vision and not with everything you don’t want!

Simply stop thinking about what you don’t want.  Instead of being annoyed about working so hard for so little, get excited about how you’re going to turn that around and how you will be working much less for much more!  Change your focus from lack to abundance to attract abundance into your life.

Now, it can be difficult to get out of the habit of focusing on what we don’t want because we’re so used to speaking and thinking negatively.  If you find you have a pattern of focusing on what you don’t want (and using that as a goal whether you’re doing so consciously or not!), be sure to recognise this, stop the negative thinking and replace that negative thought with what you do want instead!  Every time you catch yourself thinking in this negative way, quickly turn it around into a positive until you get in to the habit of thinking positively!  It won’t happen overnight, but keep persevering!  You can’t afford to keep focusing on what you don’t want because that’s exactly what you’ll get more of!

Meditation is a great way to focus your mind on your vision and get your brain looking for ways to make it happen.  Try taking a few minutes out every day to focus on your vision and move your thoughts away from what you don’t want.  

Creating your personal vision is not just about writing it down and packing it away in a drawer or even thinking about it every now and then, it should be your compass, your guiding light, it should be what gets you out of bed every morning and what keeps you up at night. 

Making your vision a reality

By getting clear on your vision and then focusing on that vision every day, you can then make sure all the actions you take are in alignment with that vision.  Once you’ve clearly written down your personal vision, you can stop every day whilst you’re in the middle of all the chaotic activity and ask yourself ‘is what I’m doing right now taking me nearer to my vision or further away from it?’  Just as when you’re driving your car with your satnav on, you can tell whether you’re driving in the direction of your destination or not!  This is exactly how I created my Born to Flourish® Planner Journal – I needed a system to keep me on track with my overall vision every day.  I had my vision, but I would always get lost down the rabbit hole of activity every day and simply asking myself whether I was acting in alignment with my vision wasn’t enough.  I created a daily hybrid planner journal where I would set my intentions for the day, ensure they aligned with my vision/goals and then I would reflect at the end of the day on whether I followed through on my intentions and how I could improve the next day.  This quickly set me on the right track to taking a step daily in the direction of my dreams.

If you didn’t have a crystal clear vision for your life when you started reading this post, I sure hope you have one now!  If you haven’t already, click the link below to grab your free vision worksheet and start creating your personal vision for your life – set your satnav and take the first step in the direction of your new destination!