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Do you wake up on a Monday morning and bounce out of bed thrilled at the thought of spending your day doing what you were meant to do, what you love to do?  Or are you one of the many glum faces on the morning commute into work dreading yet another week of doing work you don’t particularly enjoy alongside people you don’t particularly like so you can pay the bills?  

I’ve spent many years working in and with large corporate organisations and small businesses alike, and the one thing that was constant across the board was the sea of mostly deadpan, zombie like faces of the people that came into work only because they had to.  And believe me, I was one of them!  There’s nothing sadder than using up your precious, limited time on this earth doing something that doesn’t light you up and regretting at the end of your life that you didn’t make the effort to find your purpose and live every moment of your life fully.  There are people like my niece who announced at the age of like, 5, that she wanted to be a vet – she loves animals and always knew she wanted to work with them.  Many years later and that’s still her passion and purpose and she is working towards achieving it with laser focus.  I am soo envious of people like that who just know without a shadow of a doubt what their purpose is, what they want to spend their time doing.

Then there are people like me … that just kind of stumbled through life through trial and error trying this career and that career – nothing really stood out along the way and screamed at me ‘This is what you’re meant to be doing with your life!’  I didn’t have an obvious talent like being able to play an instrument beautifully, paint or have a talent for working with figures (definitely not!).  And so I spent many years trying this and trying that – trying to GIVE myself a talent that I could turn into my purpose.   Eventually I found that rushing from this idea to the next, trying so hard to find my purpose and passion, was actually pushing me further away from my purpose.  

I really do believe that each and every one of us has a unique purpose on this earth.  It’s just easier for some people to find that purpose than it is for others.  But it’s there.

Search within

The key to finding your purpose or passion is to take a step back and search deep down within your heart and soul to reconnect with your passion and purpose.   Why do I say reconnect?  I say this because we have always had our purpose buried somewhere deep within us, some of us just have to dig deeper to find it.  A good way of doing this is to go back to your childhood – back then we just knew what our passion was, it came to us naturally and effortlessly.  Children are not afraid to dream lofty dreams and will usually spend their time doing things that relate to their passion.  We spent days on end drawing, playing ‘pretend’, reading, exploring the great outdoors or whatever it is you did as a child.  Sadly most of those dreams were shot down as we grew up:  

“Yeah, but you need to be realistic.”

“You need to find a REAL job.”

’Get your head out of the clouds, this is the real world.”      

Or we were forced down paths our parents thought were best for us but we had no passion for ourselves.   And slowly, we abandoned our dreams and became ‘realistic.’  We found jobs and careers that we didn’t particularly have a passion for but would pay the bills, that people would approve of or whatever other reason.  

But here’s the good news.  It’s never too late to rediscover your purpose and passion!  Grab a pen, find a quiet spot for ten minutes and download the FREE ‘Discover Your Purpose’ worksheet below to help you realign yourself with your true purpose in life.   This is a simple worksheet (life’s answers are always simple, we overcomplicate them!) made up of a few questions designed to help you start doing some soul searching to tune into your purpose, what you’re here to do on Planet Earth.  And if you don’t recall ever being drawn to anything in particular as a child, fear not, because there are other questions you can reflect on too!

Download your free worksheet below!

Spend some time reflecting and really pondering over these questions.  Remember, you have to dig deep into your soul to unearth the treasures that lie within.  Some people will need to dig deeper than others, depending on how deeply buried your purpose is.  Some might find it easy – ‘I LOVE to cook, I’ve loved cooking from as far back as I remember and it brings me so much joy and fulfilment!  I also know that I hate my accounting job but my parents advised me to go down that route, I spent four years studying for it, it pays me well and enables me to do the things I love, like creating culinary delights in my spare time.’  In that case, your passion is likely to be cooking and maybe, just maybe, you could actually develop this more and make a living out of it and turn your back on your boring accounting job if that doesn’t light you up!  Just look at food blogger Deliciously Ella and renowned (and apparently richest in the world, last time I checked!) chef Jamie Oliver; they clearly LOVE what they do – and they make millions doing it!  So why not you?  

Bloom is all about self-discovery – realising that life isn’t about making it through each day only to start over again tomorrow but about taking an exciting life journey and creating the life that YOU want and deserve to live!  Many people have never even stopped to think about what they would truly love to spend their lives doing – they’re so busy doing what they think they should be doing because they don’t know any different.  Or they’re too afraid to make a change.

Spend a few minutes thinking about your true life purpose and start changing the direction of your life today! 

Will you make a commitment to yourself TODAY to dig deep and rediscover your purpose? 

Life is too short to spend a minute more doing something you don’t love!  You were not born to simply exist and make it through each day, you were born to FLOURISH!