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As I write this blog post, spring is starting to awaken here in England. Spring is like a new year to me – a fresh start, a new beginning, time to step out of hibernation and get out there!

But even though it’s officially spring over here and I can see all the signs of spring coming to life around me, as we change seasons, I can’t help but think about the seasons we all experience in our own lives, in our own journeys. While it may look like spring ‘out there’, we may not be experiencing a spring ourselves right now.

In my Born to Flourish planner-journal the first section is titled ‘Learn’ – in here I go through a number of lessons and reflections we can all learn from the last leg of our journeys to help us be better prepared for the next leg. There is nothing like hindsight to learn some valuable lessons! On the very last page of this ‘Learn’ section, before the next section turns to defining your ‘Dream’, I talk about the seasons of life. The purpose of this is for you to reflect on the season of life you’re currently experiencing or coming out of, or maybe even heading into.

This is because just like our planet experiences different seasons, or goes through a cycle, so do we. It’s so easy to feel like giving up when you’re going through the winters of life, or to feel over confident when you’re experiencing a summer. It’s great to stop and look at the bigger picture – to realise that as we go on our individual journeys through life, we are going to experience all these seasons at one point or another. We just need to realise that seasons come and go, we simply need to let the seasons run their course and adapt ourselves to these seasons as best we can.

So let’s talk about each of these seasons of life, which I describe in my planner-journal too. As you read through these, do you relate to any of these in your life right now?


Definitely my favourite season of all! This is a time of rebirth, a time of opportunity and hope, of dreams of things to come. It’s a time to roll up your sleeves, get rid of all the cobwebs, dust and overgrowth from winter and make space for new growth. It’s a time to sow the seeds you want to reap as your harvest further down the line. It’s a time to be industrious but also a time to take the time to marvel at everything that’s coming to life around you.


What’s not to love about summer (besides maybe the odd heatwave!)?! Long, lazy days, the sun’s rays on your skin. This season is all about enjoying the warmth of summer but also protecting and nurturing all the seeds you worked hard to plant in the spring. It’s also about keeping the weeds and pests at bay – often these come in the form of doubts, hesitation, fear, and all sorts of obstacles that trip you up and can undo all the work you put in during spring.

Incidentally, for a couple of years in London (where I live), I rented a small piece of land not too far from where I lived, they’re called ‘allotments’ and on this land people get the opportunity to plant vegetables and so on because the typical garden in London is pretty small, so having an allotment is a brilliant way to grow your own fruit and veg. And boy did I work HARD in the spring to prepare this small piece of land for planting (to me it was huge given I was doing everything by hand!). I diligently dug up the soil, removed all the weeds and overgrowth that had gathered over the winter and I sowed lots of lovely seeds. As spring turned into summer, I watched with delight as my tiny little seeds turned into seedlings and then into larger plants. Incredible! I have to say though, I would spend a day or two weeding and watering my plants and then disappear for a week or two, relying on the odd shower to keep my plants fed. I remember rocking up a couple of weeks later (after all, I was enjoying summer!) and my jaw nearly dropping to the floor. There was no evidence whatsoever that I had worked my tail off a couple of weeks ago. There were huge weeds EVERYWHERE, and my lovely plants were definitely in need of a big drink. The grass surrounding my piece of land that I had mowed a couple of weeks ago had overgrown. I simply could not believe my allotment could look like an abandoned, unloved site after taking my eye off it for only two weeks! But this is what happens when we take our eye off the ball for too long – things get overgrown. The weeds take over. The pests try their luck. We have to consistently nurture what we planted back in the spring to keep things in good shape. I realised that it was far better for me to spend 15 minutes every day on my allotment than all afternoon or all day every two weeks. Little and often was all it took to check in, do a little weeding and a little watering. And so it’s the same with us.

Autumn / Fall

We all know what this means – time to reap what we sowed (or didn’t sow!)! We put in all the diligence and hard work in the spring, we nurtured what we planted over the summer and now it’s time to see what the harvest will be. I remember being absolutely over the moon when I got to harvest all these delicious, homegrown vegetables I had planted from seed in the spring. Despite having grown up on a farm, to me it was just magical that a tiny little seed could evolve into all this delicious food. Again, I learned some lessons on my allotment! Not going to harvest my goodies in time meant the birds got to enjoy my juicy, ripe tomatoes (and raspberries!) more than I did! Lesson learned for next year! I also find that autumn / fall is a time of transitioning – of looking back on the summer and of looking forward to the next season …


And boy do the winters of life come round, often without fail. Who can escape these? Sometimes they are cold, bitter winters that literally bring us to our knees but winters are also a time to enjoy cosy evenings indoors with loved ones, rest and recuperate from our spring and summer work and enjoy the fruits of our labour (or wish we put in the work!). Winters are also a time for reflection – of what went well, of what didn’t go so well and how we might do better next time around. The winters of life make us appreciate the summers all the more. It’s a time to plan for spring which is around the corner.

I have definitely experienced all four of these seasons in my life, many times over! And I’m sure you have too. Just as we can’t fight the physical seasons and allow them to just be, we have to do the same with the seasons we experience in our lives – go with the flow and learn lessons to help us be better prepared next time around.


What season of life are you currently experiencing?