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Last week’s blog post ‘Dare to Dream‘ was all about taking those long-lost dreams back off the shelf, dusting them off and believing that they can actually come true.  In a world where we are always being told to be ‘realistic’ and keep our heads out of the clouds and our feet firmly on the ground, we end up being too afraid to dream of the life we really want to live in case we get disappointed – and so we settle for whatever life throws our way.

We become passive recipients in life instead of creators of our own destinies.

I firmly believe that we have the power to create our circumstances!  But how do we get past the dreaming phase and into the ‘making it happen’ phase?  After all, we can dream all we want but if it never gets out there into reality, it will always just remain a dream and nothing else.


Taking action on your dreams


You have to take action on your dreams.  After all, they’re not going to make themselves happen!

Here at BLOOM we use the DREAM DO LEARN system® – it’s a system I created to help me stop going round in circles and instead helped me to clearly define my dream and then move into action – DOING – to allow that dream to start taking shape.

But I did personally find there was a missing ‘something’ between defining my dream and taking action on it to make it happen.  I had created countless vision boards and could say my affirmations in my sleep!  But when it came to taking action, it just felt as though I was driving with the handbrake on.  It was just a real struggle for me to breathe life into those dreams!

Eventually I stumbled across the missing ingredient – as usual it was something really simple – kind of like a missing bolt from a car engine – seemingly small and insignificant but crucial to keep the engine parts together and working perfectly!

The missing ingredient?


Acting as if.


You’ve probably heard this or some variation of it before.

‘You’ve got to act as if!’ 


‘You’ve gotta fake it ‘til you make it!’

which I didn’t particularly like if I’m honest because whenever I attempted to ‘fake it ‘til I made it’ I just ended up feeling like a complete fraud!

However, after understanding the real meaning behind ‘acting as if’, I realised that this really was the missing link for me – the link between defining my dream and actually making it happen.


So, how do you act as if?


It’s not about putting your best acting hat on as you walk into a networking event and spew out your practiced lines.  The only person I ever felt like when trying this way of ‘acting as if’ was Pinocchio!  It’s about becoming the part.  And incidentally, this is what all the great actors do!  They become the role they are going to play in the movie rather than just memorise the lines and look the part.  That way, they’re not acting out the role, they are being the role.

And this is what helped me to take the leap from DREAMING to DOING.  And released the handbrake!

I asked myself ‘if I were living this dream today, who would I be?  How would I act?’

And if I got stuck for ideas (which I often did!), I started with what they wouldn’t do.

They wouldn’t moan and complain about their current circumstances, for example.  After all, what you focus on expands – by focusing on all the circumstances you’re unhappy with, those circumstances are just going to expand!  Instead, I would focus on all the circumstances that I wanted to attract in my life.  As well as the circumstances I was happy with but hardly noticed or took for granted in my life.  That’s what I wanted to expand!

They wouldn’t start the day with no plan – they would know exactly how they’re going to spend their precious time and not just react to whatever the day threw at them.  So I started scheduling out my days in advance, prioritising the activities that aligned with making my dream happen.

And so the list went on.  I slowly curated a small list of ways I could ‘act as if’ I was living my dream life already.  And these were ways that didn’t take any money or an inhuman amount of effort to achieve.

In most cases, it simply involved thinking differently and making a few minor tweaks here and there.

I would start my day with gratitude for the amazing life I was living.  Sure, I wasn’t living the life of my dreams at all just yet but there were still a lot of amazing things in my life I could be grateful for.

Your life right now is someone else’s wildest dreams.


So, if you haven’t defined your dream yet, go back to my post Dare to Dream and start dreaming again!  I have another blog post on ‘How to create your personal vision’ and this comes with a free worksheet for you to download and write down your vision which is really powerful and this way you can look at your vision every day and ask yourself ‘how can I act as if’ I am living this vision now?

For me, the secret was in thinking from where I want to be, as though I was living it now, instead of always thinking of my dream or vision as something in the distant future that I would live and be ‘some day’ – if I kept thinking this way, my dream would just always stay in the future and never make it into the present!


What are some ways you can ‘act as if’?


How can you close the gap between your dream and where you are today?  What small changes can you make to start being that person you see in your dreams today?  If you’re building an audience online and dream of having 1000,000 followers or email subscribers, how would you show up?  Inconsistently and whenever you felt like it?  Or would you be committed to putting out valuable content regularly to your 100,000 followers?  If you think in terms of ‘I’ll do it when I have the 100k followers’, then that’s not likely to ever happen – you have to act as if you have the 100k followers now and they will then come because you’re consistently showing up!

If your dream is to be a healthy weight and filled with energy, how can you act as if you were this person today?  What sort of decisions would that person be making right now, this minute?  Would they go for the sugary donut or the fruit?  Would they have a glass of water on their desk?  Would they take the bus home or walk?

If you dream of one day helping your favourite charity ‘when I have enough time / money’ etc, how can you ‘act as if’ today?  There are some charities here in the UK that you can give £2 a month to in support.  Seems like nothing but £2 in some countries is enough to feed a homeless child.  Instead of saying ‘nah I’ll wait until I have a successful business and then give real money’, give what you can today.  Get in the habit of giving, even if it is only £2.  The important thing is that you’re starting to live your dream now, in the ways that you can, instead of waiting for Some Day.


Closing the gap between where you are now and your dream


By acting as if today, you are slowly but surely closing that gap between you and your dreams – your dreams will not always be a ‘one day dream’ sometime in the distant future – it will soon merge with your present because you’re acting as if – you’re thinking and acting like a successful entrepreneur; a healthy, energetic person; giving to your favourite charity or whatever your dream is, today.


Whatever your dream is – what are just 5 things you can start ‘acting as if’ to start making your dream a reality?