The Born to Flourish®  planner-journal

Imagine having a ready to use system to follow to help you design your dream life and give you the tools to ensure you take consistent action to make this dream a reality?

The Born to Flourish® planner-journal is designed to help you do just that.


Hey, I’m Cher. 

I spent countless years trying to escape the daily grind and create the life of my dreams.  I kept going round in circles, feeling overwhelmed by all the hurdles I needed to jump over as well as constantly listen to my inner critic that kept telling me to settle for a mediocre life, who did I think I was trying to create the life of my dreams?  What helped set me on the right path towards creating a life by design was creating a system I could follow every day to keep me focused on my goals and the actions that I needed to take consistently to take me there, one step at a time.  

The system I created took the form of a hybrid planner-journal – somewhere I could keep track of my goals, what I needed to do to achieve them, as well as somewhere I could dig deeper into my mindset – my internal world.  Because I knew that until I sorted out my internal world – the way I thought, the way I felt, my external world – my results – would never change. Using my Born to Flourish® planner-journal on a daily basis is what made all the difference for me, and I know it will do the same for you. 

Read on to find out how the Born to Flourish® planner-journal can save you years of frustration and aimless wandering, trying to see the wood for trees, to creating the life of your dreams with clarity, purpose and direction.





The Bloom philosophy is that each and every one of us was born to flourish, to live a life of freedom, abundance and purpose. 

The Born to Flourish® planner-journal was carefully created to help you flourish.  It’s split into three key sections to form a continuous and seamless system for you to follow, so you can keep working consistently towards achieving your dreams and goals.  No more overwhelm, confusion or distractions.  Just a clear plan for you to follow each day.



Have you ever taken the time to truly define what you want your life to look like?  Most people don’t do this because they’re too afraid to dream, they’re afraid they’ll be disappointed.  And so they settle for whatever life throws at them.  This part of the planner-journal encourages you to take those dreams back off the shelf, dust them off and decide to make them happen.  If it can happen for other people, then why not you?

2 | DO


Dreaming is not enough, we must take action on our dreams to make them a reality!  And yet this is where most people fall over.  Getting from A to B can be virtually impossible when you have everyday life to content with, distractions at every turn and, of course, your inner critic constantly telling you not to get ‘too big for your boots’ and stay small.  This section of the planner-journal provides you with a system to use every single day to keep you focused on your dream and what you need to do to make it happen.  Goodbye confusion and overwhelm! 



How often do you review the past leg of your journey to evaluate what went well, what didn’t go so well and what changes you need to make to get you even closer to your dreams?  For me, the answer was never!  I would quickly and eagerly shut the door on my past past mistakes and start my new year with all my ‘new years resolutions’, determined to dig my heels in and make my goals happen.  Of course, I kept falling into the same hole year in and year out.  Until I started regularly reviewing my goals, my actions and my results.  And what I needed to do to improve things.  Which you will get to do regularly using the Born to Flourish® planner-journal.



See, it’s not more information you need (to confuse you even further!). 

It’s a system you need. 

To keep you focused on your dream. 

To keep you taking action every day towards that dream.

To help you learn from both your successes and your failures so you can keep improving.  

And that’s exactly what the

Born to Flourish® planner-journal

will give you. 

A system to help you grow, flourish and be all that you were destined to be. 

A simple system you can follow every day.

The Born to Flourish® Planner-Journal is available in the following formats:


PDF download to print at home OR complete onscreen


Digital version to use with an annotations app (e.g. Goodnotes / Notability) on your iPad / tablet

BLOOM Born to Flourish planner journal

What You Get

  • 750+ pages to use as a system for success over a 12 month period, starting at any time of year.  There’s no better time to start than TODAY!

  • Available as a hyperlinked digital planner to use on your tablet / iPad, as a PDF editable file to complete onscreen, or if you prefer good old writing, you can print out the printable version (we recommend ‘printing as you go’ throughout the year – 750+ pages is a lot!)

  • Undated – start any time of year and best of all, pay once and reuse each year!


  • 14 pages to reflect on the past 12 months (‘LEARN’) and gather lessons learned. 

  • Topics include reviewing your previous goals, your mindset, your various life areas,  your habits, obstacles and challenges faced, your seasons of life experienced and the season you’re in now.
  • 17 pages to design the life of your dreams (‘DREAM’} rather than passively accept whatever life throws at you! 

  • Here you get to design your dream life or vision in detail, prepare for potential obstacles and challenges, create an environment you can flourish in, set goals in every life area, and identify / monitor habits you need to develop to help take you closer to your goals (includes a Habit Tracker you can use every month to monitor key actions you need to take).
  • Nearly 700 pages to use throughout the year (‘DO’) to ensure you take DAILY ACTION on the intentions you set in DREAM.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly activity pages to keep you focused on your dream and the actions you need to take to get you closer to your goals.  




  • Regular ‘check ins’ along the way to review your progress and make necessary adjustments to help you reach your goals even faster.

  • There is a focus on your internal world (mindset) as well as your external world (the practical actions you need to take). 

This carefully designed hybrid planner-journal, which addresses your mindset, as well as the practical actions you need to take, is what can make the difference between your dreams staying in Dreamland forever or becoming a reality

Grab your Born to Flourish® planner-journal today and start creating the life of your dreams!



This 750+ page planner-journal, available in the format of your choice (digital to use

on your iPad / tablet, PDF editable onscreen or the PDF printable version)

is all yours – to use EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. (as it’s undated)

for only £34.99.



Is a system that will help you create the life of your dreams

and keep you taking daily steps towards its attainment (every year!)

worth £34.99 to you?




  • Immediate download to use on your iPad / tablet in a PDF annotation app such as Goodnotes / Notability etc
  • No need to print – take it with you everywhere!
  • Undated – start at any time of year
  • Undated – buy once, reuse the system every year!
  • Covers a 12 month period
  • 750 pages to guide you in defining your dream, taking action to make it happen, and regularly reviewing your progress to improve


  • All for just £34.99!




  • Immediate download for you to print OR complete onscreen (laptop / computer) to save on printing
  • A4 size
  • Undated – start at any time of year
  • Undated – buy once, reuse the system every year!
  • Covers a 12 month period
  • 750 pages to guide you in defining your dream, taking action to make it happen, and regularly reviewing your progress to improve


  • All for just £34.99!
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